Quantas System Training And Personnel Certification Limited is an independent organization, provides world wide certification for auditors of management systems and approval of training organizations and certification of their auditor training courses.

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The Logo may be used only to show that you have certification or approval from Quantas. If your certification or approval has expired or is terminated, the licence granted will automatically terminate in respect of the relevant Logo & you must immediately discontinue use of the Logo and destroy all materials bearing the Logo.

Training Institutues which want to receive approval from QUANTAS must complete Application Forms in accordance with Quantas Criteria which takes place on the part of Application Documents and must send it with its attachment to Quantas.

News Board
QST Accredited Trainings on Pakistan, Srilanka, Taiwant, Vietnam, Turkey and South Affrica..
Now QST Accredited Trainings on India, UAE, Egypt, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait..
Staunchly Management & system Services Pvt. Ltd. is Accredited with QST for ISO 9001 LA Programs.
QST is going to announce skill certifications soon....
ISO 45001 for workplace safety, for details and updated news mail to info@quantascert.co.uk.
ISO 14001:2004 is now ISO 14001:2015, Training institution submit their transition docs..
ISO 9001:2008 is now ISO 9001:2015, Training institution submit their docs for transition..
LMS Academy India is Accredited with QST.
LMS Academy United Kingdom is Accredited with QST.

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